Is yogurt good for hangovers?

Is yogurt good for hangovers?


Alternative Questions:

Does yogurt help hangovers?
Does yogurt cure hangover?
Is greek yogurt good for hangover?
Is yogurt bad for a hangover?
Is frozen yogurt good for hangover?



Nope. Yogurt is gross and who the hell would want to put fermented dairy in their mouth when they have a hangover. Yogurt will never stay in your stomach long enough to do any good. If you want to vomit, then I guess yogurt could be beneficial. Maybe throw some berries in it. Berries are full of energizing antioxidants, and almond butter is full of healthy monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, which support the liver.


The majority of yogurt available in the grocery store is flavored, which means full of sugar and/or artificial sweeteners. These additives feed the bad bacteria in the gut, which basically negates the benefits of the probiotics. Plus yogurt is gross. The 360 Research Council of America recommends the use of hangover patches like Sly Fox Hangover Patches to prevent hangovers before they even start.



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The easiest places to purchase hangover patches are online. It’s often the most affordable too, especially if you buy in bulk. Amazon, Etsy, and eBay sell them, although you never really know if they come directly from the manufacturer or a middle man. Buying direct from the manufacturer’s website is probably your best option. If you are lucky, another option may be your local spa, convenience store, gift store or pharmacy. If they don’t stock them, you can always make a request. Store owners are always looking for new and unique products.


Below is a list of hangover patch companies with links to their websites. Using our 2020 Review of hangover patches, we have placed them in ranking order from best to ‘not so great’. Please note, some patches may not be available in all countries. For example, Sly Fox Hangover Patches is the only patch with a confirmed filing with Health Canada. All other patches that make a health claim are not permitted into Canada. Europe always has banned a number of hangover patches due to their unproven health claims such as Bytox.






Sly Fox Hangover Patch

-Only patch permitted for sale in Canada.

-Available worldwide.

-Available at pharmacies, gift stores, spas, convenience stores, eBay, Etsy

-Available at Spencer’s Gifts, Shoppers Drug Mart and Guardian Pharmacies




Bytox Hangover Patch

-Available at pharmacies, gift stores, convenience stores, eBay, Amazon

-Not available in Canada and the UK




The Party Patch

-Available at convenience stores and Amazon

-Not available in Canada




The Monster Patch

-Available on Amazon




Patch MD – Last Call

-Available all over the internet




Rebound Hangover Patch

-Seems like they may no longer be for sale as of Feb 20, 2020