Rebound Hangover Patch

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We manufacture our unique patch systems in the United states within a certified GMP facility.

All patches are organic, vegan, and non-toxic. We take extra care to make sure no strange foreign toxic agents or residue might build up in the pre-infusion matrix at our facilities. In addition we purchase only free and vegan based products from which to derive our different ingredients.

Beware of cheap foreign made imitations that are virtually identical visually but beyond that one is a cheap Chinese knock off. When you complete your drinking session you want a hangover cure made with care in a certified GMP facility right here in the USA that sources organic vegan components.

In this day of rampant viral epidemics in the est Asia…do you want to settle for patches of any kind from East Asia and beyond. Does it meet stringent US standards? Even aside this Rebound for a limited time offers all our 6 and 30 patches at heavy discount 🙂




  • When someone keeps repeating a claim over and over, it’s bound to be untrue. Sorry, we live in the Trump-era and can’t be fooled anymore. These patches ARE PROBABLY FROM CHINA.
  • And what the hell is going on with their Instagram posts?!?
  • Plus hairy arms are probably not good for sales.
  • Works the same as PatchMD – it didn’t for us.