The Monster Hangover Patch

2020 Rank: #4     Score: 5.1     



The Monster defence Hangover Patch is high quality organically vitamin enriched to aid in alcohol recovery for the morning after your experience. The detoxification process for alcohol is enhanced and is proven in most people to shorten and or eliminate the after effects of drinking. All products, Approved by CE, ISO9001, ISO13485 manufacturer.

  • {Avoid the hangover}-14 Key Anti-Hangover Vitamins (Compare).
  • {Vitamin engineered and tested on the root-cause}- Place on upper Arm. The pressure-sensitive adhesive has transdermal conversion into your body, this allows the vitamins to enter your skin quickly and into the blood circulation.
  • {Easy to USE} – Each patch, is quickly separated and applied with NON-Latex medicinally approved adhesive (avoids skin irritation). Odorless.
  • {Customization for any occasion}- Many customers choose to utilize customized stickers for “Fun” Individualization. (Not supplied).
  • {100% Satisfaction guaranteed}-“This Product is nothing short of amazing-highly recommend” John M -Las Vegas. Social Drinker; many people use the patch for an energy BOOST




-If they put as much effort into their website design as the R&D for their patch, I’d run away from this product FAST.

-They make some strong anti-hangover claims. You can’t do that without clinical proof. Most hangover remedies know that the FDA does not approve of unproven claims.

-They are odourless…Vitamin infused patches should never be odourless.

-No notable effect

-On a positive side, the branding is unique and fun.